Aviation Services Unlimited has been supplying helicopter aerial services for over 20 years. Our experience includes:

Scouting and filming locations for the television and film industry
Aerial surveys for the New York State Department of Parks and Forestry
Essential services for utility companies; inspecting and maintaining electric transmission lines, patrolling grounds over gas lines and providing emergency services during power outages
Service to the lumber industry, inspecting potential harvest sites and mapping access
All manner of corporate services including transporting business leaders and providing aerial assessment of locations
Aerial photography services to both document and promote locations
Covering special events like the world famous Utica Boilermaker road race

Any time you need to get up in the air for any purpose Aviation Services Unlimited will provide service that is backed by a total commitment to excellence and carried out with experienced personnel at every stage of your project. Capture the scene from above. Call us to discuss all your aviation needs.