Aerial Photography & Video

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Aerial photography is the best way to present a new perspective on any scene or location. It’s great for illustrating and promoting locations and their relationships to surrounding areas.  Aerial photography is also rapidly becoming a necessary resource for mapping purposes.  We’ve provided aerial photography services to customers for aerial maps used for theme parks to college campuses and business parks.

Film & Video Support

Capturing the perfect scene relies on many factors. Understanding and facilitating the creative process is one of the most important assets we bring to a project.  Our experience with cinematographers and videographers gives us an edge when it comes to helping you get what you need – the way you need it.  We’ve been in the business of taking people up in helicopters to look at the world from above for over 30 years.

Our credits include:

  • Two MTV series
  • National Geographic
  • ABC, NBC and CBS news
  • Major motion pictures filming
  • Discovery Channel
  • Location scouting