Charter (Business/Personal)

Chartered Flights

Helicopter Charter offers a quick, easy and comfortable alternative for travel city to city, airport to vacation sites, or to avoid long lines at an airport terminals.

Create your own unique VIP experience with a ‘customizable’ flight over Central New York.  This offers an ideal gift for special occasions such as; marriage proposals, anniversaries, engagements, birthday celebrations and Adirondack fall foliage experience.  

The perfect way, for locals and visitors alike, to experience Upstate New York from a completely new and exciting perspective.

Sightseeing / Air Tours

There is the traditional method of sightseeing, driving through cities or the country side looking past other cars and billboards to hopefully get a glimpse of what you wanted.  A more exciting alternative is to take a tour via the air.


Cargo Transport

For the small to medium sized packages that require dedicated door to door service, ASU is the best solution for expedited deliveries. We’ve provided delivery support to almost every industry including Medical, Oil & Gas, Original Equipment Manufacturing, Passenger Airlines and more.  When every second is costing your organization money, ASU is your solution for an expedited door to door delivery.