ASU pilots’ flight experience encompasses over 21,000 flight hours to include over 10,000 hours in the B206 helicopter.  Our commercially certified helicopter pilots are current Certified Flight Instructors.  Each pilot has completed a formal ground training course in “flying in the wire environment” conducted by experts from Utilities Aviation Specialists, INC.  We believe that this training and our pilot’s experience significantly enhances low level flight safety.  Additionally our pilots have a broad spectrum of aviation operational experiences including; flight training, utility, charter, aerial photography, air tours and mine survey.

ASU’s mechanics are highly experienced technicians executing 90% of all required maintenance in house.  Our maintenance personnel have over 50 years of helicopter maintenance experience.  The Director of Maintenance has been with ASU for over 25 years.

Mechanics will deploy as necessary to support flight operations in the field.  We currently maintain a parts inventory of $100,000 for day to day requirements.  If unable to deploy for support, ASU has access to a database of qualified support facilities and personnel to ensure timely support of the aircraft while we re-position a backup aircraft to cover the requirements.