About Us

Located in Rome New York, Aviation Services Unlimited, LLC will guarantee you with outstanding customer service for any aviation request you have!

ASU is a FAA certified Part 135 Air Carrier and holds a Part 133 Operations Certificate.  Our current business model focuses our team on the vital Utility Industry located in the Northeastern United States and General Aviation.  

We currently own and operate 3 Bell 206B helicopters and one Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  All our Pilots are FAA Commercial Instrument rated professionals.  If you are an owner looking for instruction, transition, safety pilots, or require experienced ferry services we can assist you in the following rotorcraft types:

** R22, R44, S300, MD520, MD600, BH407, BH206B/L, EC135P/T, BK117, A109E/S.

If you are interested in becoming and Air Carrier under FAR 135, Aviation Services Unlimited is fully capable of providing you with aircraft management services for both maintenance and flight operations.