Utility Helicopter Services

Pipeline & Power Line Surveying

At ASU, we know that finding solutions and maintaining uninterrupted power services to your customers is your top priority.  There are times when locations need to be surveyed for routine maintenance or evaluated for future development purposes.  Whatever the surveying need maybe, ASU can tailor a solution to fit your requirement.   Our experienced pilots are trained and capable to provide you with both wide and narrow area surveillance through our LIDAR and Thermal capabilities to gain the information required.

Services Options include:

  • Asset Protection Survey
  • Confirmation of Vegetation Management Plan and NERC/FERC Compliance
  • Detailed Inspections
  • Survey Reporting
  • Infrastructure repair
  • Post Storm Inspection
  • Gas Sniffing
  • Drop and Go Landings for Line / Maintenance Crews
  • Line Inspection / Patrol & recording (Standard & HD offered)
  • Low level reconnaissance
  • Surrounding Vegetation Inspection & recording (Standard &
    HD offered)
  • Infrared & Thermograph Inspections

Emergency Services

ASU understands the concept of service as it applies to the Utility Industry.  There are also those times when emergencies arise and the only way to assess and remedy them is to get a perspective from above, in a helicopter. When that happens and timing is crucial,  ASU is the ultimate solution to get you in the air and help you assess your emergency situation.

Surveys and emergency evaluations are a specialty with us.  Our highly-trained pilots have the experience to safely get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

When you partner with ASU, we’ll focus on the flying, so you can focus on your customer’s service.

Storm Patrol

After any type of storm; whether it be severe thunderstorms, ice, flood, tornado or hurricane, helicopters are the perfect tool for quickly inspecting assets and discovering damages incurred. Our helicopters are also used to quickly transfer line crews, sling poles, and move light equipment to sites inaccessible by road.


ASU is active in all aspects of aerial support for construction projects including large-scale highway projects, remote location builds, tower construction and a diverse range of residential and commercial projects.  One of our industry known specialty flight skills include precision long line.  ASU’s is able to facilitate on demand flight services including executive transport, airport transfers and field crew moves.